Sob Sister Pictures

These pictures are from movies in the 1930’s but provide an accurate image of “sob sisters” from the time period. The caption below them are taken from the website. (all sources are in the Bibliography).

“Daily Mail city editor MacWade (George Bancroft) listens in on a phone call by his star reporter Babe Bennett (Jean Arthur), who is scooping the town with her exclusive stories about a new reclusive millionaire in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Columbia Pictures, 1936)” (IJPC Publications).

“In Forbidden (Columbia Pictures, 1932), Nick, alias “Mary Sunshine” (Harry Holman) turns over his job as advice-to-the-lovelorn columnist to Lulu Smith (Barbara Stanwyck) at the request of Daily Record city editor Al Holland (Ralph Bellamy)” (IJPC Publications).

You can also think of Mary Sunshine from the musical Chicago, which is set in the 1920’s.  Also, note that during one of Velma Kelly’s songs, ‘All that Jazz’ (in the musical) she sings: “Even Lucky Lindy never flew so high” (

"Joe Tracy Provides a Ride for “Sob Sister” Ada Patterson (1905)"(Joe Tracy). Please note that a 1930's sob sister would not be in as extravagant furs because of style and resources during the Depression.


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