Radio Stations- Live at Hopewell

Brian asked about the station letters for Adela microphone. This is a combo of Wikipedia (unfortunately), Fisher’s book, and the video I have posted under the Video and Pictures link.


1932 in radio

The year 1932 saw a number of significant events in radio broadcasting.


For NBC there is either New York station: WEAF or Newark, New Jersey: WJZ

CBS: Newark, New Jersey: WOR or Brooklyn, New York: WABC


CBS seems to have had the more “compelling” programming while NBC had better equipment. One paid for one thing, the other paid for another. You decide. In my personal opinion, there is no way to know which station the kidnapping was broadcast from, Newark or the New York ones (besides maybe all of them) as the New York stations would definitely want coverage, and the Newark ones are only about 20 miles closer. My guess is… Adela, as a prominent figure who could have existed, would be from the city. And if she was well known— though both stations would have well-known reporters— CBS was a bit more likely.

I can tell you, however, that the broadcasts pleading for the return of their son, the ones put out there by Lindbergh, were from a man with a microphone that says NBC across the top. You can see the short video on my website under Videos and Pictures and they are live from Hopewell. Maybe NBC would be the best thing, as people know it is a station and it is historically accurate.


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