Estate Pictures- Englewood and Hopewell

Englewood is the Morrow household, where Violet Sharp was a servant. Hopewell is the Lindbergh household, where the baby was kidnapped. At the time of the kidnapping, the house was just being completed and the Lindberghs were only in the habit of staying on the weekends.

Any pictures which are “modern” are of the houses now. Each has been added on to since the 30’s. There is a good aerial video of Hopewell as well as a demonstration with the kidnap ladder at the window of the baby’s room in the video under the “Video” link.

The nome where Violet Sharp worked-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh's parents

This is the drawing room of the elegant Englewood estate where Violet worked. It is also the scene of the interrogations in the world of the play. Dwight Morrow was either the second or third richest person in the United States. It shows.

Morrow Estate– Months after the kidnapping

Modern Englewood

Modern Englewood


One Response to “Estate Pictures- Englewood and Hopewell”

  1. Patty Garrison Says:

    Just for your records and in the name of accuracy: Englewood, NJ, is the name of the town in which the Morrow estate is located. The name of the estate itself is “Next Day Hill.” Similarly, Hopewell, NJ, is the name of the town in which the Lindbergh estate is located. (Well…actually, it’s the town NEXT to the estate!) But the name of the Lindbergh estate is “Highfields.”
    PS. I saw “Violet Sharp” in Philly last night, and I was incredibly impressed! Bravo to Bill and the director and the cast. Most notably, the woman who played Violet was truly superb.

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