Violet Sharp

September 11, 2008

Welcome to the dramaturgical website for Violet Sharp. If you are here because you have looked through my materials for KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Initiative, please don’t be shy! Look around, check out the links and research that has been posted. This website was built early in the process in order to provide our production company a place to collectively find research materials for the show.

In particular, the notes from Jim Fisher’s The Lindbergh Case as well as the “culture” research from the world of the play were highly used throughout the process. The script primarily bases itself off of Fisher’s work, which is paraphased and excerpted under the link to the right.  Because of late casting, the cast members were unable to read the 400+ page novel, and counted on my synopsis to replace a reading of the text.

Additionally, this website functioned as a hub for professors and community members who had heard about the show and wanted or needed to know more before attending (or sending their students to attend) the production. Unfortunately, the nature of the script caused much of the website to have a “spoiler” factor attached to it, but I did my best to warn visitors of the unwanted information provided by the links and worked to keep the plots twists away from unwanted eyes. Before this addition, the website was last updated right before the show, as you can see below. You are welcome to leave comments or questions throughout.

Come see our show! October 2-4th and 8-11th at 7pm and October 5th at 2pm. Cost is between $7 and $12. You can buy tickets in advance at the HUB or at the door. No late seating.

Check out the posts on the Lindbergh Kidnapping Discussion board if you are interested:

*SPOILER* Most of my links have spoiler information for the show. One that doesn’t is Program Notes, as that will be given to the audience. Also, obviously, the pictures are not spoilers, though the video may be if you know nothing about the kidnapping.

This is the dramaturgical page for the first staged performance of William Cameron’s new play, Violet Sharp.

Violet Sharp is set against the backdrop of one of America’s most notorious crimes—the 1932 Lindbergh kidnapping case. Winner of the 2006 Julie Harris Playwright Award, Violet Sharp is about a twenty-seven-year-old domestic servant of Charles Lindbergh’s family that is suspected of kidnapping the Lindbergh’s infant son. Having initially lied to the police as to her whereabouts on the night of the crime, Violet strives to clear her name but only manages to strengthen the perception that she is guilty. As the police rigorously pursue a confession, it becomes clear that Violet is being pursued just as fervently by her own personal demons. This play contains strong situations to which some audience members may object and which may not be appropriate for children. (Taken from IUP Theater Department website.)

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